POM (ESD, Conductive)

POM (ESD, Conductive)

POM (ESD, Conductive)

Tuesday 27th June 2023 POM (ESD, Conductive) 201 Visits ,


  • ​POM ESD
    This grade is a high value material to be well improved antistatic high performance of POM through state-of-the-art method for compounding CNT (Carbon-nano-tube) on existing POM resin. It keeps stable physical properties of electrical conductivity, the electrical resistance regardless of changes in the surroundin
    The resistance is 106 ~ 9Ω.
  • ​POM Conductive
    POM-ESD-R10 offers excellent anti-static performances, exhibiting constant level of conductivity ranging between 103 ~ 5Ω. It can be used for various applications in semiconductor industry, LCD/TFT-related industries. It is suitable for electrical equipment and clean room equipment for the electronics industry.
    The resistance is 103 ~ 5Ω.


  • Highly mechanic and strong in terms of heat and electricity
  • Yields little friction, highly wear-resistant, and magnetic-lubricating
  • Easily processed using machine and yields products of even sizes​


  • Jig for mobile phone inspection
  • Semiconductor Equipment, Components of LCD manufacturing facility