Tuesday 27th June 2023 PEEK 175 Visits ,


PEEK is a highly functional thermoplastic that is produced by extrusion-molding the Polyetheretherketone resins. Although it is similar to PolyPhenylene sulfide(PPS) in terms of chemical resistance an waterproof characteristics it has a higher range of continuous usage temperatures (250 degrees Celsius / 480 degrees Fahrenheit) than PPS (220/426). Because it does not lose its physical properties even under the harshest working conditions-such as hot water and steam - it is used in a wide range of areas that require high performance such as electric/electronics and aviation.
- Antistatic
This grade is a material to be added the antistatic high performance of PEEK through state-of-the-art-method for compounding CNT(Carbon-nano-tube) on existing PEEK resin. Especially, It keeps the consistent conductivity ranging between 105Ω and 107Ω, while the physical properties of the original PEEK stay almost unchanged and it is used for manufacturing the high value equipment like Semi conductor, LCD facilities as a well advanced material.
The resistance is 106&Omega.


  • Very low water absorption
  • Maintains permanently even in hot water or steam
  • Reliable against radiation (does not change properties even after absorbing accumulated gamma rays of 1,000Marad)
  • Fire retardant, it occurs less smoke and toxic gas, excellent for electrical insulating
  • FDA-approves (Unfilled PEEK).


Various manufacturing line parts, semiconductors liquid crystal manufacturing equipment parts, inspection device parts, manufacturing jigs, nuclear-power-related parts, electric parts, various precision machine parts, food processing line parts, chemical-plant-related parts, welding-machine-related parts, plating-processing-machine-related parts, metallic surface treatment parts, insulators and heat insulators.